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New Year. New You.

Make fitness resolutions you want to keep.

We know - you’ve made resolutions before, started strong, and experienced the seemingly inevitable dwindling of enthusiasm. But sticking with your goal to get in shape and stay fit this year doesn’t have to be a burden or a bummer - and investing in your good health shouldn’t turn into that odd fitness contraption that you now use as a coat rack. Riding a bike - indoors and out - is a fitness resolution you’ll want to keep. Let us help you make cycling fun, comfortable, and productive so that next year, you can celebrate a year of feeling awesome and accomplished.

Ride for Fun & Fitness

Pedaling burns calories. It strengthens the muscles in your legs and your heart. It lowers stress and improves joint mobility. Most importantly, it’s fun. And once you start pedaling, you’ll never want to quit.

Track Your Progress

Celebrate your personal milestones as your fitness improves with every ride. Climb the leaderboard (if that’s your thing) or enjoy your progress privately. Whatever drives you to keep moving, we have the latest technology to help you track it.

Get Moving with New Routes

Explore New Routes

Join us on Strava and meet up with fellow cyclists, compare results, and stay motivated.

Train Intelligently Indoors

Don’t let a little winter weather stop you from getting in a ride. We have a selection of smart trainers that let you join group rides, explore new terrain, and ride famous cycling routes - all from the comfort of your own home.

Suit Up for Success

Choosing the right apparel is key to ensuring that you enjoy your ride, whether you’re heading out into the elements or spinning at home or your local studio. From protective cold weather gear to fashionable indoor necessities, we have you covered.