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The world's first portable anti-angle grinder bike D lock For the best defence against angle-grinder attacks, you need a Hiplok D1000. It was the first product launched in our ground-breaking Anti-Angle Grinder 1000 Series. It's proven to withstand sustained angle-grinder attacks at least 20x longer than standard D locks. Like all products in the 1000 series, the D1000 anti-angle grinder lock uses Ferosafe, an advanced graphene composite that's never before been used on bicycle or motorcycle locks. Independently tested and carrying the ultimate Sold Secure Pedal Cycle Diamond & Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond ratings, D1000 fits bikes, e-bikes and motorbikes. You can fit it to most large bicycles, e-bikes & motorcycles, with a locking area 155mm x 92mm (L x W). At just 1.9kg, the D1000 is still one of the lightest Sold Secure Diamond rated D locks around! With optimal sizing, the D1000 is secure and portable. 3 x coded replaceable keys and Hiplok Lifetime Warranty included. - Anti-angle grinder security system - Square profile - needs 2 cuts to remove the lock - Graphene reinforced premium hardened steel shackle - Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond - ART 4 Star Rated - Part of the Hiplok 1000 Series - Lifetime warranty - 3 x coded replaceable keys included Dimensions: - Internal locking dimensions: 155mm x 92mm (L x W) - External dimensions: 230mm x 155mm x 40mm (L x W) - Weight: 1.9kg Use the D1000 for unbeatable protection when out and about. To get the same level of protection at home, get a 1000 Series anchor - the A1000 Anchor or AX1000 Anchor + Arm.
Wearable, Sold Secure Silver rated D-lock with integrated clip system and slim profile for attaching to bag straps, belts, or in pockets. - With the hardened steel body casing, and tough nylon outer shell, the Hiplok D is designed for high risk areas - Wearable, high security D-lock - Integrated clips and slim profile for easy carrying on belts, bag straps, and in pockets - 13mm hardened steel shackle - Weight: 1000g (2.2lbs) - Three keys included with Coded Key Replacement Program - Sold Secure Silver rating
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