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Brompton 2023 CHPT3 S4E White/Titanium Special Edition
The 4th Edition Turning a new page in the Brompton and CHPT3 story, the latest collaboration brings a fresh dynamic to a proven partnership. One founded on fun, practicality, and high performance. Drawing on our previous three collaborations with David Millar of CHPT3, we turn to page 4, and the horizon broadens. A bike that originated as a city commuter and became a daily workhorse for David, a former pro-cyclist, is now embraced by a community who see beyond simply departing from point A and arriving at point B. To own a Brompton x CHPT3 is to belong to a community of like-minded riders from Indonesia to Indianapolis, a community that is powered by new members like you.
Brompton Brompton x Bear Grylls C Line Explore
- 6speed - Explore - Moss Green and Mushroom Grey Frame - Luggage Included - Schwalbe Tyres - Folds in 20 Seconds - Front Carrier Block - Brooks Saddle
Brompton M2L Black Laquer Superlight (Brooks Saddle)
$2,392.00 $2,990.00 20% Off
Middle Handle Bar 2-Speed Gearing Titanium Fork (Superlight) Brooks Saddle * Picture might not be exact bike
Brompton M6L Black Lacquer
Middle Handlebar -12 Reduced Gearing
Brompton M6L Black/Black
Middle Handlebar Battery Lights Included * Picture might not be exact bike
Brompton M6L Matcha Green
Middle Handlebar Matcha Green Color 6 Speed Gearing
Brompton M6R Black Lacquer
Middle Handlebar Rear Rack * picture might not be exact bike
Brompton M6R Black Lacquer Dynamo Hub
M Type Handlebar 6 Speed Black Lacquer Rear Rack Dynamo Generator Lights
Brompton M6R Black Lacquer w/Brooks Saddle
Middle Handlebar Brooks Saddle
Brompton P Line
$2,771.00 - $2,841.00
Performance. The lightweight transformation. Next level frame. Next level componentry. A next level?ride. Next level frame The P Line titanium rear frame and fork are 700 grams lighter than the all-steel equivalent and are just as strong. The redesigned suspension block maximizes efficiency and responsiveness by shifting your pedal power to improve control and handling performance. Naturally, shock-absorbing titanium smooths out the road. You can feel the difference. Enhanced portability Moving with this bike is easy. Our new dual-locking seat post system has two positions, fully down for storing or halfway up for rolling. The folded bike gently steers through tight busy spaces with the Superlight Saddle nose handle. Larger, lighter rolling wheels glide over uneven ground. Superlight, compact gear system built for the city Designed in-house, the new superlight compact gearing system* is fine-tuned for city riding. The 4-speed system with an all-new 60-gram derailleur is meticulously engineered to fit inside the narrow fold. Delivering a similar ratio to the 3-speed and 60% more than the 2. *patent-pending All-new wheelset Our lightest, sturdiest wheelset. With a new rear hub designed ground-up to accommodate the new compact 4-speed gear set. Tested on a purpose-made rig and fired with mud, water and sand for hundreds of hours. This wheelset stands up to the abuse of the city. Now fitted with hex key axles and a new hanger mount, so removing them for roadside repairs or maintenance is quick and easy. Engineered by us, made for you Built to last and quality assured in our London factory. Every Brompton frame is individually numbered and comes with a registered 7-year warranty. Find the right model for you.
Brompton P Line Electric
$4,700.00 - $4,840.00
The lightest Brompton Electric bike ever The Electric P Line is available from just 27.9 lbs (or 34.4 lbs with the battery pack ready for riding). Designed for the best performance, with its titanium Advance Rear Frame and premium, weight-saving components. You can carry it, lift it, and ride it further. Even more portable Folds in less than 20-seconds – tows and rolls easier than ever. The innovative dual-locking seat post means you can steer the folded bike by the saddle. The larger, lighter Advance Roller Wheels glide from street to building. Spec’d to perfection The compact Superlight 4-speed gearing system gives you everything you need to connect the city and beyond. Shifting is smooth and simple with a single gear lever. The Brompton Advance Suspension block comes as standard, sharpening control and handling. Add all the other Superlight parts and the premium touchpoints to the mix, and you have a truly next-level electric experience. Charge on the go The compact Brompton Electric 300wh lithium-ion battery packs in the power. And when it comes to charging, it’s as easy as plugging in your phone. Remove the battery pack (6.4 lbs including bag) with one quick click. Plug into any regular socket. Fully charge in 4 hours*. Boost for less if you’re short on time. *Reduce to just 2-hours with the Brompton SuperFast Charger Engineered by us, made for you Every Brompton frame is individually numbered and when registered comes with a 7-year warranty and 3-year electrical system warranty. Find the right model for you.
Brompton Electric H6L Matcha Green
Brompton C Line Electric Explore High Handlebar 6 Speed Gearing
Brompton Electric M6L Matcha Green
Brompton Electric C Line Explore Middle Handlebar 6 Spreed Gearing
Brompton M6L Black / Black (Dynamo Light)
Middle Handlebar Dynamo Hub Lighting * Picture might not be exact bike
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